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 [Fanfic] Reunion

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MessageSujet: [Fanfic] Reunion   Ven 1 Jan 2016 - 12:28


This is the story of how a young fairy reunited with her parents.

Freesia, our ice fairy, you know it, lives with Seria and Javes in a tree-house. Not too long ago, Freesia declared to Seria how she saw her as a big sister. It was soon agreed that the both of them would treat each other as sisters due to the very strong bond they had.

On one night, though, Freesia seemed to be in a different mood than usual. It was not long that Seria noticed the changes in her 'sister's' behavior. She was quiet, too calm and seemed very thoughtful. At first, the nature fairy pretended to not sense it and bid goodnight to Freesia... yet this one had another thing in mind.

Freesia: Seria?...:

Asked the little fairy from her snow bed. Before she could leave, the nature fairy turned herself around so she could answer to the call.

Seria: Yes?

She replied. Freesia took a moment as she looked at her 'big sister' before she would ask her something rather... interesting.

Freesia: ... Do you think that one day... I'll have cool powers too? I mean... you and Violet and Glady all have something super cool, but me?... Well... I can't even control my ice magic that well...:

It was obvious that Freesia had this inside for a long time. Something came to her just to remind her and make her realize the level she was at. Seria was well too aware too, but this time it was different. The amount of despair was bigger than usual as it could be seen in her eyes.

Seria: Well... I believe so, yes. With time and practice we'll eventually manage to make you control your powers fully, and that way you'll be able to develop all sort of skills! Worry not, it takes only patience and practice. :

She answered with a truthful smile. Yet Freesia gave no reply in exchange and looked away. It didn't seem to appease whatever was haunting her.

Freesia: ... Do you want to know the truth?...

Seria wondered to what truth she was referring.

Freesia: The truth about my parents?...

At that moment Seria realized where she was coming from. In the past, all conversations about her parents always remained vague and without any details. Freesia used to answer that her parents were kind, but it never went any further. The nature fairy was not sure of what to do, but she listened.

Freesia: The truth is that... I hate them...:

Freesia took a small break.

Freesia: They never praised me... they never said they loved me... they never helped with anything... They knew I had difficulties learning, but they never bothered to try harder or do something about it... I kept trying by myself to get better with my magic, but I never knew how to do it. Whenever I thought I had done something new, I tried to show them, but they never said anything back, like... they were just staring and not saying anything or maybe just a... ''Keep practicing'' with a fake smile...

The young ice fairy took another moment for herself before continuing her story, all the while Seria was listening, feeling sorry for her.

Freesia: ... After that I began to try and show others who then wanted to help me improve, but... I refused...:

Seria: Was it because...

Freesia: I wanted my parents to help me!... and not anyone else... And after that I think you know how it went... I started to do bad things and annoy others with the tricks I knew. Adults scolded me or reported to the Eldest... and the other kids just didn't want to be my friend... I was really alone and I wanted to leave Florasia. So when I heard about you and Anima? Well... that's where I left with the hope that I'd be able to meet another fairy with strong powers. I wanted to show you that I could be good too.

Seria: I... understand, Freesia. It is all so clear now, but please, oh please, Freesia!...

The nature fairy hastily approached the bed of snow, bent down and got closer to Freesia so they could look into each other's eyes. One of Seria's hooves then approached the visage of the younger one and gently rested there.:

Seria: ... Never forget that I am here for you... I wish for you to be happy, no matter what. If being better at ice magic truly is what you want, then I will find a way for you to understand how. Remember where you are... and who you are with. You are not alone anymore.

A faint smile appeared on Freesia's face. The ice fairy gently grabbed her 'sister's' hoof and nodded slowly.:

Freesia: I'll remember!

Seria: Now... why don't you try to sleep? Or... would you rather that I sleep with you? Make you forget about those thoughts and whatnot?

Freesia: S-Sleeping with me?!:

Freesia was startled. She had not expected this to be said and reflexively backed away in her bed. Seria giggled at the silly reaction, but her offer was serious.

Seria: Yes. I'm to guess that if you were to sleep alone tonight, you wouldn't have a very recovering sleep... while if I was right there, it could remind you that you are with people who truly care about you.

Freesia: But the bed is too small, Seria!

Seria: You forget that I am Seria, owner of Anima, dear sister!:

And with this said, Seria took a step back before making her magical staff appear, and with its magic, she would begin to play with the elements around in the tree-house to create an extension to the bed of snow... only this part would be made of soft wood and leaves for her instead of cold snow. Once it was over, the nature fairy lied in the new bed with a giggle. Freesia was coloured impressed by this magical feat that her 'sister' performed in front of her, but if she was honest with herself... she liked it. She didn't really mind it. She simply didn't want to be treated too much like a child, yet at the same time it was very comforting to see.:

Seria: I see you smile, silly. I knew you wouldn't refuse.

She added playfully.

Freesia: Stop it!... But you're right... at least for tonight.:

And as it seemed like they were enjoying each others presence, another voice added itself to the conversation.

Javes: Well? I guess that I'm gonna have the bed all for myself then?:

The pegasus, also known as Javes and who was Seria's boyfriend, was there at the doorstep, looking at them both. Seria turned herself around when she heard him and smiled in a silly way.

Seria: Sorry, dear, but I'm making an exception for tonight.

Freesia: Yeah, so you sleep all alone!:

Seria: Freesia, that's not very nice...

Freesia: Wah? Sorry...

They looked at each other, Seria holding a stern look, while Freesia was the one with the ashamed expression... but all of this wouldn't last as they both started to laugh at each other for no apparent reason. Javes joined in a little with them before he would remove himself from the doorstep, now heading to his and Seria's room.:

Javes: Well, in that case. I'm going to sleep! Love you Seria, and sleep well, Freesia!:

Freesia: G'night!

Seria: Good night, Honey.

They left each other on these words before the two fairies returned to their conversation... or at least what was left of it.

Seria: Hey, would you like me to sing you a lullaby?:

But Freesia seemed to be displeased with the idea.

Freesia: Please no... don't make this more awkward.:

Seria: Aw... very well, then.

Seria would say with a slight deception in her tone.

Freesia: Anyway it's getting late. Let's sleep.

Seria: In that case... sleep well, little sister.

Freesia: You too, big sis!:

Part 1
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Date d'inscription : 13/03/2015
Age : 29

MessageSujet: Re: [Fanfic] Reunion   Jeu 25 Fév 2016 - 0:05

The next day came after a good night of sleep. Seria had woken up before Freesia and was even already out. Most of the day went at a regular pace and nothing too exciting happened.

Near the middle of the afternoon, Freesia decided to head out, planning to meet with friends. As she was on her way, she came across other people, such as Glady who stopped to speak with her.

Glady: Yo, Freesia!:

Freesia: Hi, Glady.

Glady: Having a nice day?

Freesia: I'm on my way to meet with Ignes and Clara. What about you?:

Glady: I was passing by here. I met Seria on the way a little while ago and we had a short talk. I'm kinda sorry for you...

The young ice fairy looked confused.

Freesia: What do you mean?

Glady: About your parents and stuff. Mustn't have been easy to deal with. I guess I understand better why you did all this.:

Freesia: ... Seria told you about my parents?:

Glady: Yeah? Is that a good thing?

Freesia: I gotta go, bye!

Just like that, Freesia trotted away and left Glady surprised behind. The joyful expression she once held quickly changed to a more panicked one. What Glady told her, she did not expect it for not even an instant... And apparently the earth pony was not the only one to have heard about it. The young ice fairy crossed path with other people who told her something similar to what Glady previously said. The more it happened, the more Freesia accelerated her pace, until she would eventually deviate from her original path, only to abandon the idea of meeting with her two friends.:

She eventually reached a small hill where no one else than her was. Her mind was filled with thoughts. Thoughts of her sister already betraying her, thoughts about how she couldn't trust Seria, thoughts of her parents... and thoughts about how weak she felt. Freesia let herself fall in the carpet of grass that covered the hill. The sun was already setting, ready to give place to the moon.:

Time passed and the darkness of the night was slowly taking its place. Freesia was still there, not motivated to go back home. At one moment a cat-pony made an apparition several feet behind Freesia. This cat-pony, known as Lucky Bell, looked from afar as she spotted the young fairy in a state of depression. It's by being herself that Lucky had an idea. Not very fond of seeing her friends sad, she took a pirate hat that she put on her head and began speaking with an accent using a deeper voice to imitate the one of a male.:

Lucky: ''Ahoy, cap'n! Sad fairy spotted ahead!'' ''Aye! Set sails and let's head on over to that fairy and claim our treasure!'':

The cat-pony finished her little acting and began to move toward Freesia while imitating the sounds of a boat on the sea. Once she arrived next to her, she tossed herself in the grass right next to Freesia who saw her approaching.:

Lucky: Hiya! How's the litte fairy doing?

Freesia: Hi Lucky...

Lucky noticed how Freesia was not even cheering up to the silly acting she pulled.

Lucky: I guess that means you don't feel too well. Wanna tell what's wrong?

She asked, but she received no reply.

Lucky: Aw c'mon... you don't have to be like that to auntie kitty.:

Yet again, she received no answer. Lucky sighed briefly.

Lucky: Oh well. Mind if I stay with you?

She then asked. Freesia gave her agreement with a small nod. Lucky was happy enough with that and remained by Freesia's side without saying a word. It did not take long that Freesia began to talk of what concerned her.

Freesia: ... I don't know if I can trust her anymore...:

Lucky: Trust who?

Freesia: ... Seria.

Lucky: What did she do?

Freesia: We had a talk yesterday... it's about something that bothered me for so long.... but I didn't want to tell others about it. Just her... and she went over and told other people. Now everyone is taking me in pity and I hate it...:

Lucky: Do you mind if I know what it was about?

Freesia: ... My parents. I really hate them...

Lucky: So you two talked about your parents, which is something you don't like talking about and Seria just babbled about it to others. That's what makes you so sad?:

Freesia gave a nod as an answer.

Lucky: You know, the way I know Seria I'm pretty sure she just wanted to help you.

Freesia rose her head, anger filling her eyes.

Freesia: How does that help?! I hate it when others think I'm weak!:

Yet Lucky was unfazed by her anger and she remained the same as she was, only appearing a tad more calm. She looked up at the moon briefly before going back to Freesia.

Lucky: I know she didn't mean it. Maybe that after discovering your story she just wanted others to be nice with you. She probably thought you were more sensitive and so it's like a warning, like saying ''be careful and don't break it'' or something among those lines. She's not an expert with kids, but you two share a pretty strong bond... And even then, she's still not the best to take care of problems like these. I'm sure she didn't think you'd react like this.

She took a moment to let this sink into Freesia's mind. The young fairy's anger almost already vanished.:

Lucky: At least that's what I think is happening. What about you, though? Does that make sense?:

Freesia: I think so... I mean, well... she's like a sister to me. So she was only trying to protect me?

Lucky: Isn't that what we do with those we love?

Freesia: Yeah, but... I'm still a little mad... She shouldn't have told others about it.:

Lucky sat up before looking over at Freesia, an idea in mind.

Lucky: Alright then. Let's make a bet!:

And the sudden suggestion only made Freesia the more confused.

Lucky: I bet you that the next time you see Seria, she will jump at you, tell you she's sorry about what she did and that she didn't mean to make you feel that way! Because by now she probably knows how you feel. And if I'm right, then you'll have to spend some time with me and I get to choose the activity! If I'm wrong, though...

Freesia: What if you're wrong?

Lucky: Well in that case I'll be the one having to spend time with you and YOU'LL be the one who gets to choose what to do!

Freesia: But isn't that the same thing?

Lucky: Almost! But either way we'll have fun!

At the funny proposition, Freesia couldn't help herself, but to smile faintly. She couldn't help laughing as well.:

Lucky: You're laughing!

Freesia: Yeah I am!

Lucky: That's awesome, now give me one biiiig smile too!

Just as she said, Freesia showed a beautiful and genuine smile. At this, Lucky Bell took the pirate hat off of her head and put it on the fairy's instead. Then she took her deep voice again.

Lucky: ''Cap'n! We found and claimed the treasure!'' ... A very cheerful smile from a now happy little ice fairy. The most beautiful of treasures we can ever find.

She'd say returning to her normal voice halfway through her phrase. The cat-pony then proceeded to hug the young fairy who quickly returned the favor.

Freesia: Thank you Lucky... you're always cheering me up.

Lucky: I'll always be happy to help, Freesia. And hopefully things will get better as well.

They let go of each other.

Freesia: I think they will. And... I don't feel mad anymore. I think I understand why Seria told the others...

The cat-pony ruffled the fairy's mane a little.

Lucky: See? It's not so bad. You just have to remember that she wanted to help you and that she'll always be there for that. Besides, others like to help too when they can.

Part 2

(More sketches to come, but please enjoy.)
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MessageSujet: Re: [Fanfic] Reunion   Ven 26 Fév 2016 - 9:56

(The same music may be used for this part.)

It felt good for Freesia to spend some time like this with Lucky Bell. Besides, now she had a new hat to keep for herself. It was time to go, though. The night was slowly taking place... and if Freesia was to stay longer, then Seria would worry for sure. So the young fairy and the cat-pony bid good-bye to each other and both went on their way.

Mid-way to her home, the ice fairy heard a few leaves rustle as she walked through the woods. She knew that only few animals roamed around the place, and they were not dangerous, so she didn't panic. Instead she looked around for the source of the sound and heard a familiar voice call her name. Freesia turned herself toward the voice and saw Seria come out of the woods with a look of guilt. She approached the other fairy slowly, stopping once she reached her.

Seria: Oh Freesia... I'm terribly sorry for what happened. I... I honestly did not think that it would have affected you that much. Truly I didn't mean to do this to you...

Freesia knew what she was talking about and quickly recalled herself of what Lucky told her earlier. She'd let out a giggle. The nature fairy looked a tad bit confused.

Freesia: It's fine.

Seria: Is it?... I spoke with Glady earlier and she said that when she talked to you, you ran away like something bad had happened. I realized what I did and...

Freesia: I was with Lucky... I wish you hadn't talked about it, but... You just wanted to help, right?

Seria took a moment to answer.

Seria: Well, yes of course! I simply didn't choose the right way to do it and I feel awful about it... Are you really not mad at me?

Freesia: I was at first... but really it's okay.

Over those words, Seria let out a loud sigh of relief before she'd come down to embrace her little sister.

Seria: Thank you... Shall we go home, now?

Freesia agreed to follow once they let go of each other, and both of them would make their way home, now without anything to worry about.

Later on, Freesia was getting ready to sleep. Earlier in the evening, her and Seria had a small talk about something they had in mind. They thought that in order to put an end to everything they should head to Florasia, home to the fairies of nature as well as a few ice fairies. Freesia was showing signs of being nervous. Seria sensed and noticed the uneasiness, so she didn't leave the room just yet and instead directly went over to Freesia's bed.

Seria: Are you nervous for tomorrow?

Freesia: You noticed, huh?... Yeah I am... I don't know if I really want to meet them...

Seria sat down next to Freesia.

Seria: Don't worry. In the worst case scenario we'll just return here, but I think it is important that we hear both sides of the story. There has to be a reason as to why they are like this. We'll try to do this quick.

Freesia did not seem so sure about it anyway. She looked up at Seria while her ears pointed down. She didn't have anything to reply, but one look into her eyes could tell that she was not ready for this. Seria sighed slightly and kept a smile on.

Seria: Do you want me to sleep next to you again tonight?

Freesia's eyes went down for the instant of a thought and came right back at Seria with a slight nod.

Freesia: I'd like you to.

Seria: Very well. And tomorrow we'll depart early so we can be done with. So tell yourself one thing.

Freesia: Okay?...

Seria: Tell yourself that once it's over you won't have to deal with it ever again.

Freesia: Once it's over I won't have to deal with it again?

She repeated.

Seria: That's right. Or else it will stay right there...

She'd say, poking the forehead of the young ice fairy.

Seria: ... and it won't help you. Someday you'd think about it again. But if we get it out, then you'll have this out of your mind and it might even help you to focus better when you practice your magic!

Freesia: You think so?

Seria: I believe so. But enough talk about this. I wouldn't want you to feel more anxious and deprive you from sleep. We both need it, so let us take a good night's rest.

Freesia: Okay.

Seria: Don't worry about anything.

The young ice fairy was starting to feel a bit better. At least good enough to rest her head on her pillow so she'd be able to sleep. Seria proceeded to do the same with the same extension to the bed that she made a night ago. Once she was set, she would wish Freesia a good night, who replied her the same.

Part 3.
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MessageSujet: Re: [Fanfic] Reunion   Ven 26 Fév 2016 - 21:13

The sun showed up early the next day. Both Freesia and Seria were up and ready. They had a long route ahead and Freesia was more than determined to get through with this. All morning she kept asking her sister if she was ready to depart, until Seria would respond:

Seria: Yes, I'm finally ready to go.

Freesia: You said we'd be done with this fast!

Seria: I know, I know, but at least give me some time to prepare myself... I still wonder how you can be so *yawn* full of energy when we got up so early...

The two fairies would head outside, saying good-bye to Javes who was still inside. Seria would make one final check with Freesia just to be sure that she was completely ready, but the young fairy answered without hesitation. Finally the two of them would fly away in direction of Florasia, home to the nature fairies.

Arriving at the entrance to Florasia, Seria and Freesia both took some time before entering. Freesia seemed to be getting a tad nervous since they were getting closer and closer to something she held inside for so long. Seria awaited for her sister to be ready, and once she was, they would traverse the illusory wall. Now they were officially inside of Florasia, the place that was built by nature with its giant trees and many, many plants and flower that covered the place. Not many came through the wall, so as they did, another fairy already came to greet them, flying and holding herself up in front of them. That fairy seemed to be rather happy to see them too.

Fairy: *Gasp* Oh my goodness, it's Seria and Freesia! Aaah! How are you two doiiiing, it's been so long!

They recognized her. She had always been like this. Though adult, she always had this cheerful attitude and had a way to be excited about anything.

Seria: Hello to you too Lilium. We're happy to see you too.

Lilium: Welcome back to Florasia, then! Hang on, I'll go get the others! Having known you'd come over we would have prepared you a little something!

Seria: It won't be necessary, we're here for, uh...

Freesia: We're here to see my parents.

The fairy named Lilium stopped all her activities and floated down to the ground. When she looked at Freesia, she could see that she was not here to party.

Lilium: Ah I see... Your parents, they are Agapanthus Glacialis and Amary Hibernis, right?

Freesia nodded.

Lilium: Perhaps you should go see Arbora, then... I may be wrong, but I believe they are not here anymore.

To this statement, Freesia and Seria's eyes opened wide. Lilium was feeling a little uncomfortable.

Lilium: I really hate being the bearer of bad news... B-But I might be wrong too! So you two go and meet with the Eldest to get accurate information, okay? Okay! Take care now!

The fairy did not stay a second more and left them to themselves as she didn't want to partake in this, thinking she might have just made the situation awkward or simply too uncomfortable for her. Nevertheless, the two sisters were really not expecting to hear this. They yet had to verify if this was true, though. In order to do so, they followed the path that was leading to Arbora's tree, passing by other fairies and pixies who also lived among them . They would eventually reach for the tree in which the Eldest of them all lived. Upon entering, they would already be greeted by Arbora who was near the entrance, looking at them, smiling as if she had been expecting them.

Arbora: Greetings, Seria. Greetings, Freesia.

Seria: Arbora...

She smiled.

Seria: It is nice to see you again.

Arbora: I must say the same, my dear. Yet I hear you have come for something... rather personal.

Seria: Has Lilium told you already?

Arbora: That is exact.

Freesia: So is it true?... Mom and dad are... not here anymore?

A small moment of silence took place as the Great Fairy looked at Freesia, her smile slowly fading away.

Arbora: That is correct, young fairy...

She would say. This was what they feared. Freesia's face froze there as she heard the answer.

Arbora: Your mother and father both have returned to Nixaura.

Seria: Nixaura?...

Arbora: The frozen lands where ice fairies live. They came to me to inform me of their decision... I had no right to stop them.

Seria listened well to what the Eldest had to say, but she couldn't help notice how Freesia felt. As she turned her sight to her, she could see the pain in her eyes. Her head hung low for a moment and tears began to form. The young fairy raised her head to look at Arbora. The Great Fairy had nothing to add to this and felt her pain as well.:

Freesia: Why?...

Her expression would change to one of anger.

Freesia: Why?! Why did they leave without even telling ME!! I hate them! They're the worst!!!

She turned herself around, already galloping her way out of the tree. Seria couldn't even stop her, nor could Arbora. The fairy of nature came back to the Eldest.

Seria: Eldest, please... tell me where Nixaura is.

She seemed determined. Arbora herself looked surprised to hear this from her.

Arbora: Nixaura is not a place for us nature fairies, Seria. The harsh temperatures are well below what we can endure. It would be too dangerous to go there.

Seria: I have Anima... She will protect me. I'll make sure to survive this cold, and I must talk to them!

The Eldest's smile came back.

Arbora: In that case...


After talking to Arbora and getting the directions, Seria headed outside of the tree where she found Freesia not too far from it. The poor fairy was sitting there with her head hanging down from the deception she lived. Seria approached her and came sitting next to her. The arrival of the fairy got Freesia's attention.

Seria: I will go to Nixaura and meet with your parents there.

Freesia: ... You will?

Seria: Yes. You stay here with the Eldest. I'll come back as soon as it's over... I must know what happened. I wish to put an end to this misery.

The young ice fairy would wipe away her tears.

Freesia: They had no right to do this... They left me behind... as if I never existed... I really hate them...

Seria would take her in a hug.

Seria: I know... just let me handle this. You don't have to do anything.

Through her hug, Seria sensed how Freesia did the same slowly after she did, but sensed a tight grip on her. Freesia was crying in her arms.

The nature fairy left Florasia when she was ready, leaving Freesia in the care of Arbora. Seria was more than determined to understand the situation of the young fairy's parents. Yet she did not want Freesia to assist, given the shock she had received.

Part 4.
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MessageSujet: Re: [Fanfic] Reunion   Dim 28 Fév 2016 - 11:01

Seria reached for the skies after a while in the direction she had been indicated before. As she flapped her butterfly wings, she could already sense the cold air of Nixaura. She was getting nearer.

Seria took out Anima.

Seria: I need your help!

Just as she said these words, the orb in the center of the staff began to glow bright for a moment before a figure would come out of it and stand floating in front of her.

Anima: What is your wish, Master?

Seria: We are getting near Nixaura. I will need you to protect me from the cold temperatures... can you do it?

Anima: Affirmative, Master. But I must warn you that I will not be able to sustain the shield for an unlimited amount of time.

Seria: How much time can you give me?

Anima: At best a few hours. The cold temperatures of Nixaura are far below the freezing point. The shield will lose its power the more we stay. I suggest we proceed quickly and carefuly.

Seria: Very well.

Anima: Another thing, Master. I must also warn you that the ice fairies may not hesitate to attack you as soon as they see you. I suggest you to approach with caution and to state your reason of coming. They should understand.

That last phrase put some worry in Seria's mind. She didn't think they could act like this... but she still refused to back down.

Seria: ... I understand. Let's proceed then!

Anima: As you wish, Master.


The Great Fairy and Freesia were together in the big tree. It was agreed that Freesia was to stay there until Seria returned. The young fairy did not cheer up much since she learned about her parents, but she could not blame the Eldest. The young ice fairy was at one of the round windows of the tree and rested there as she looked outside. She was lost in her thoughts.

Arbora: Have you missed Florasia?

The Eldest asked as she approached her. Yet even when Arbora spoke, Freesia was not answering anything. She did not feel like talking. Her mouth refused to open and speak words. Arbora took the time to sit down next to her anyway.

Arbora: What are you thinking about?

She'd ask her. But Freesia seemed to be reluctant in giving an answer and sighed of annoyance. The Eldest didn't insist in getting an answer, either. She was simply trying to make small talk with her. After a few moments, though...

Freesia: I only have bad memories of here...

She'd simply answer.

Arbora waited for the rest of the answer.

Freesia: No one's ever liked me here... Whatever I was doing, fairies just ignored me.

Arbora: Are you certain about that?

The young ice fairy turned her head toward the Great Fairy with an expression of anger.

Freesia: Why do you think I left? I hated it here! No one wanted to be with me!

Arbora: Do you think this could have gone differently?

The tone in the voice of the Eldest never changed. It kept this calm and soothing sound as if she was completely unfazed by how Freesia reacted. The young fairy realized her own behaviour and turned back to the window again. Her expression of anger was already erased. She didn't mean to yell like that.

Freesia: I just wanted them to help me... my parents I mean, but they never approved of anything I did... I don't think it could have been any different...

Arbora: Because they couldn't change?

Freesia nodded sadly to this answer.

Freesia: I was not wanted anyway...

Arbora: But they didn't reject you, Freesia.:

And what a surprise it was to hear these words. Freesia turned herself toward the Great Fairy with a confused and surprised look.

Arbora: A fairy who names a child is a proof of love. Your name, Freesia, you have earned your name through true love. Those who reject their children will not give them a name.

She paused for a moment, giving time for the information to sink in.

Arbora: Do you know why it is so important for a fairy to receive a name at birth?

Freesia: No?

Arbora: Once a fairy dies... its soul will be transfered into a new vessel. This vessel will protect the soul and give it a chance to have a second life. We are named after flowers, trees, plants so we can still live on.

Freesia: What happens to those without names?

Arbora: Their souls are lost forever... it will forever wander in the afterlife with no chance of coming back. Giving a name is not just saying a word. It is giving a life.

Freesia: So... you're saying that mom and dad...

Arbora: Yes. Your father Agapanthus Glacialis and your mother Amary Hibernis both gave you the name of Freesia Crystalia. They wished for you to have a good life... but they were not ready.

The eyes of the fairy opened widely as she heard her full name. It was the first time she heard it.

Freesia: I... Have a full name?...

Water was filling up her eyes slowly.

Arbora: Your parents... they wished for you to be happy, Freesia. More than you may think.

Part 5
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The lands of ice were completely covered by a thick carpet of snow. It was white everywhere and the sky was darkened by the constant clouds of the region. Mountains could be seen in the distance as well, also buried under the snow. The largest of them all could go through the clouds. A strong wind kept blowing, making the temperature simply  unbearable. If it wasn't for her shield, Seria could have frozen instantly, but thanks to Anima, she didn't have to suffer through this, yet the temperatures were so harsh that she could still feel the cold, which gave her a good idea of how unbearable it was.:

Soon the fairy would spot a region that was different than the rest of the empty frozen lands. There were borders of ice and snow going up into spikes. From above it formed a circle. It was probably where the ice fairies lived. Seria dived down and landed not far from what seemed to be the entrance. She approached cautiously while trying to see through the blizzard that was constantly blowing until...

???: Who goes there!

Seria turned her attention directly towards the female voice. There was no mistaking it. That pair of ice wings on the back. It was an ice fairy.

Seria: I come in peace!

Ice Fairy: You're not one of ours... What is a nature fairy doing here? How can you survive this cold?

Seria: I am Seria Rosa and I come from Florasia. The staff of Anima is my mean to travel these lands with a magical shield. If you may, I must speak to Agapanthus and Amary. I promise not to stay for too long!

Ice Fairy: And what is it you must tell them?

Seria: It's about their daughter!

The ice fairy only kept staring at Seria, as if analyzing her just to make sure this wasn't a trap, but the voice of a male made itself heard in the background.

???: Luculia, it's fine! I'll take it from here.

The male showed up next to the mare. The first ice fairy simply gave him a nod and was on her way back into what could be called their village. As for the stallion, Seria could see him. He was rather young looking. His mane was dropping loosely on one side, but his wings of ice were fully developed, showing a great potential with ice magic.

Agapanthus: I am Agapanthus... Please come with me. I promise no one will try to hurt you.

To tell the truth, Seria was a bit surprised to discover who Agapanthus was. He did look rather young for a father. Yet she listened to him and followed him inside of their village.

Once inside, the fairy of nature could see how they lived for the first time. Their habitations were obviously made out of ice and snow, but didn't resemble a house or anything. Fairies of nature lived in trees, but ice fairies lived in structures they built themselves with their magic. They were set in many different places and none looked the same. Some were completely round while others had complex forms.

A few fairies were looking from afar as Agapanthus was taking Seria through the village. Eventually they would be stopped by a fairy far taller than them and who's wings of ice were showing the prowess of his magical powers. The stallion stopped before this fairy.

Agapanthus: Aurora... This is Seria Rosa. She comes from Florasia to speak with my wife and me...

The eyes of the Great Ice Fairy would derive to Seria. His look was suspecting her of something. He couldn't trust her and she saw it.

Aurora: Very well. I shall let you handle this matter.

And just with that he walked away, leaving them to continue their trail to one of the habitations which they would enter. Agapanthus would lead Seria to a table and sit on the other side of it. The nature fairy would sit down as well. Both of them would wait in silence...

???: Are you already back?

A female voice would ask in the background. Yet the husband did not respond. And since he was not answering, the voice approached to reveal herself.

Amary: Aga, why aren't you-...

But she stopped herself as she saw Seria who was fixating her. Amary looked young too for a mother. A part of her mane was hiding part of her left eye. Her wings too were well developed, though, just like her husband.

Amary: Who are you?

Seria: I am Seria Rosa. I am here to talk about your daughter.

The ice mare remained silent and watched her husband with worry. This one had his head hanging low and in shame. To avoid leaving him alone, Amary came and sat down next to him, her arms around him.

Seria: Will you hear me out?

Amary: ... How is she?

Seria: Your daughter is doing fine. She lives with my boyfriend and I. She seems to be living happily with us and her friends.

Amary: She is doing well... and has friends?

She would sigh and smile.

Amary: That is a relief...

Seria: But not until recently.:

Those words would worry both Agapanthus and Amary.

Seria: She... She has been thinking about you two. She has told me of her childhood. I have one question to ask you two... What happened?

The visage of Seria was saddened by those thoughts. Agapanthus raised his head and looked at her straight in the eyes with almost the same look.

Agapanthus: We didn't know how to raise a child... She was unexpected in our lives and we never planned to have her with us.

Amary: We were stressed and overwhelmed by the situation so much that we didn't know how to react to her.

Seria: But you gave her a name...

Agapanthus: Of course we did!... What kind of fairies would we be if we didn't? Because she was unexpected doesn't mean she has to live a sad life...

Seria: What about later, then? When she grew up?

Amary: It was only becoming more and more difficult. Freesia had trouble learning... so whenever we tried to show her something, she couldn't reproduce it even with practice. She had trouble doing even the simplest thing.

Agapanthus: So we gave up after a while... and it's then that we started... ignoring her. We... we know we shouldn't have done that, but...

Seria: Did you try to ask for help?

The two of them would look at Seria who was getting more and more serious, but their look would fall in shame.

Agapanthus: We were too ashamed to ask for anyone's help, and...

Seria: She needed you... and you didn't do anything to at least try to help her...

Seria cut them short in their speech. Their reason was not satisfying her at all. She was trembling with both anger and sadness.

Seria: When she was calling for you... you ignored her... when she wanted to show you something, all you'd answer would be ''that's nice''... You didn't show her any hint of love!

Her anger was actually scaring the both of them as it just reminded them how they acted back then. Seria had gotten back up and had her hooves on the table as she'd glare at them.

Amary: W-We didn't want to mess up! Please understand!

Seria: You have already messed up!!

Seria raised her tone of voice at them as she'd hit the table they were at.

Seria: You both were irresponsible enough to leave a poor young fairy in the dark! All by herself and with no help to get! The results? She tried to do it herself and with no help! She couldn't manage to make friends with the others because she didn't know how... and she didn't seek their help, but YOURS! You have failed to give her what she needed from parents; Their love! You two-

But suddenly Seria would be cut silent. A ray of magic hit her in the back, freezing her in ice with the position she had. Behind her was Aurora, the Great Fairy of ice.

Aurora: I thought I could let you handle this, Agapanthus... but this fairy is losing her temper. I can not allow this in our village.

Amary as well as Agapanthus were both terribly surprised to find him here, and they knew they couldn't disobey him... or simply cause him trouble, yet Seria...

Agapanthus: Aurora, please no!... I must ask you to set her free.

Aurora: You know too well that I can't, Agapanthus... To set her free is to allow her to harm one of us.

Agapanthus: She will not hurt anyone... We understand her reactions.

But all that Aurora did was to sight him before turning around and using his magic to levitate the block of ice outside, which he would put in the middle of the village. As he would deposite it, though... he would sight something else in the distance. Through the blizzard he was able to see a small shape that he couldn't recognize.

Aurora: I don't recall knowing you... Of all the ice fairies who live here, who might you be?... Young one?

Part 6
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The small shape would make a few steps in the snow and would reveal herself to be Freesia, who travelled all the way to Nixaura. She looked exhausted, but she could still stand well. She looked up at Aurora who she didn't answer to before seeing that behind him was her frozen friend, Seria. Immediately the young ice fairy ran up to her in disbelief.:

Freesia: Seria!! Seria what happened?!

She'd say completely panicked. She stood up to the ice as if she tried reaching to her. The Great Ice Fairy arrived next to her without much concern.

Aurora: So she is your friend...

He'd say. Freesia's attention went to him.

Aurora: Your friend here is not welcomed. While we live in peace, she dared to raise the tone at one of ours... Sadly I can not allow this kind of behaviour here and I wanted to avoid any sort of commotion.

Freesia: Can't you free her?... We'll leave right away!

Aurora: Unfortunately I can not...

He'd say almost sadly.

Aurora: She must understand how we live here. Us ice fairies seek peace. It is the exact reason why we live in these dreadful and cold lands. No one here except ice fairies may come.

Freesia: But she'll die!

Aurora: Understand that I will not kill her!... But I believe that remaining in this state will have her think twice about what she's done.

The raise in the tone of Aurora made Freesia back away slightly, yet she was becoming more and more worried for her friend. She couldn't trust the Great Ice Fairy just like that, especially when she knew well enough that the temperatures of this place were not meant for someone like Seria. She was worried deeply inside and whenever she looked at Seria, she couldn't help but to think about the worse. Fear and sadness were both taking place inside of her, yet anger was trying to make its place as well. Should she lose it, though, she couldn't tell what would await her... And to add more to it, she heard a female voice calling her from afar.

Amary: Freesia?...

The young ice fairy turned herself around in her crawled up position as she heard the voice of no one else than her mother. Amary took one step in the snow, but Freesia took one back.

Freesia: Stay back!!

She yelled at her in fear.

Freesia: Don't approach me!!

She added. The female ice fairy did not know if it was wise to approach her, but her instincts told her to do so... She tried herself again and took one more step through the snow.

Freesia: I said stay BACK!!

Freesia yelled once more. The young ice fairy began sobbing as she was in no position to do anything. Not only did she not think through, but she only wanted to free the one she called her sister. Amary remained where she was and soon was joined by her husband. She wanted to try something else. With a look of guilt, she looked at her daughter and tried to make contact with her.

Amary: Freesia... your father and I and terribly sorry for all that has happened... We're sorry for having left you in complete darkness. We... we failed. We failed as your parents.

Freesia: This is NOT true!! You're not sorry! You both never wanted to have me! You NEVER cared about me!!

Aurora: Lower your tone, young one!

Aurora said with authority. But Freesia ignored him.

Freesia: I just wanted you two to love me... But you've never cared about anything that I did!

She began to cry through her words. At this point the barrier of her emotions was breached. Scared, sad and angry she looked at her parents both with fiery eyes and tears.

Freesia: I couldn't make friends because I didn't know how to be with the others! You... you never encouraged me with anything!

Aurora: This is your last warning, young one! I will not tolerate anymore of this!

But once again she ignored his orders. Agapanthus and Amary began to worry that the elder would so something to her.

Amary: Freesia, please no more! Stop yelling!

Freesia: What do you even care, huh?! I'm nothing to you anyway! I... I HATE YOU!!!:

Aurora: This is it now! You've been warned!

The elder raised his hoof, magic ready to be cast, but instead he would be sent back with a blast of ice magic cast by Freesia herself, and a powerful one at that. The elder landed in the snow farther away and looked back at Freesia, impressed and surprised. He could see the young fairy engulfed with a strong and bright blue aura. Her eyes were shining of a bright white and her wings had gotten bigger as well. The wind in the place had gotten stronger too. The Great Ice Fairy put himself back up and looked at her, worried. But Freesia wasn't done at all... Out of the ground rose pieces of ice, ready to stab at anything. Freesia launched them with magic directly towards the elder. Aurora raised a wall of ice to protect himself from those. Once he thought the attack was over, he would be met with ice spikes coming out of his own wall. Freesia had taken control of his own ice at this point, but the elder escaped in time by flying up.

This time Aurora tried to counter attack with his own magic, launching blasts of ice magic directly at her, yet all of his attempts would be stopped by a magical shield that was around Freesia. The young one didn't fear his attacks and riposted quickly with another one blast that went through Aurora's. This one managed to hit him. He was pushed back a little higher and Freesia went after him with all of her anger still present. She charged directly at him with spears of ice appearing on her sides and being launched all the while at Aurora with a strong push of magic as well as high speed. The elder created a shield of ice to stop them, but it would break instantly while pushing him even further. He would create another one to continue to protect himself, but again it would shatter under the direct hit of a spear. He would make a third one, but to no avail... it would shatter. Finally Freesia reached for him with high speed, hitting him with all of her might with her head directly in his stomach. The direct hit from this caused Aurora to cough up under the pain before he'd fall down from the lack of recovery.

The two parents could only watch as the battle went on, powerless to even do anything... their daughter was too dangerous, even for them. They saw Aurora take a direct hit... and he began falling down and down until he would reach the soft snow on the ground, defeated. It was simply horrible to see, but Amary was starting to have enough of it.

Amary: Freesia!! Please stop it! I'm begging you to stop!!

She'd shout up at her under tears. Their daughter would look at them from afar, but that's all that she'd do.

Amary: Please!... You don't need to hurt anymore!

She'd add. The young ice fairy would divert her sight away from them only to look down, where Seria was. She was preparing something... Her right arm began to freeze up entirely, and it would go even further. The ice was slowly forming itself around her arm and would come ending in a very sharp spike. Agapanthus began to fear as he made the connection.

Agapanthus: She's aiming at Seria! If she smashes the ice, then Seria will... Amary, wait no!!

But it was already too late. Amary ran from her husband and headed quickly toward Seria while looking up at her daughter who was readying herself to dive. From above, Freesia aimed down and launched herself, diving at the frozen fairy in hope of freeing her, but as she would approach more, something would come in her way. Amary showed up in front of her with her arms widely opened. Freesia couldn't stop herself in time and...


Freesia had her eyes closed as if sleeping. She would begin to open them slowly. She could feel the wind blowing and the snow grazing her face, but she also felt something else. She felt something... warmer. She began to look around only to see the snow on the ground, but her eyes would travel slowly only to find a shape that resembled the one of a fairy she knew. But as she looked up, she found blood that was dripping from the body. Freesia was currently being held tightly by her mother, who took the hit for Seria... and for her daughter.:

Amary: F... Freesia?...

A weak voice called over to Freesia who looked up. She could already realize what was happening and her eyes were already showing fear and sorrow. But her mother was smiling.

Amary: ...A... Are you alright... my child?...

Freesia was unable to believe what she was seeing.

Amary: I'm... so...rry for all that... has happened... We wanted... your f-father and I... for you to be... happy. We're... glad that you could find... someone who t...truly cares for you...

She would pause. Freesia couldn't take her sight away from her mother's eyes who were showing tenderness and compassion.

Amary: If only... we co...could have been better... parents... you... would had a better time...

Amary coughed up a little and took a long break. She was feeling weaker and weaker. In the meantime Freesia tried to grasp her without even knowing what to do. She hoped... Her mother was going to speak again.

Amary: But Freesia... kn...know one thing...

Freesia: Mom?...

Amary: We... have always...

Freesia: Mom!...

Amary: Loved... you...

Freesia: Mom!!

Amary closed her eyes. Freesia felt the arm around her slip down as she began to scream her mother. Falling in a state of panic, the young ice fairy was being taken away from her mother. She tried to reach for her, she struggled!... But she wasn't able to. As she was starting to gain more distance with her others approached Amary also panicked. Among them was Seria, who was freed, and Aurora as well. The one pulling Freesia away was her father, who was bringing her back into his house.

Arriving inside he would put her down on a bed. Freesia struggled there sobbing and crying her soul out. Agapanthus would hold her tightly after, trying to calm her down. He too was crying. He didn't say a word and all that Freesia could do at that moment was to hold him back and cling to him.

Part 7
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Time passed. Freesia had fallen asleep on the bed, completely depleted after everything that happened. When she woke up, her father was not there. She searched around to see if she couldn't find him, calling him to see if he'd respond. The young fairy walked inside of the frozen place and arrived in another room where she'd stop herself right on place. Her eyes opened widely.
She couldn't even believe what she was seeing, but she began to shed tears instantly.:

Freesia: ... Mom?...

Amary: My daughter...

She would smile.

The young fairy galloped across the room with everything she had and arrived at her mother, burying her head in her mother's welcoming arms. She was crying again.

Freesia: I'm so sorry!... I didn't want this to happen! I... I'm sorry!!

She'd cry. Her mother held her the best she could and tried to calm her.

Amary: Shhh I'm doing fine. Thanks to your friend I managed to heal. I'll need to rest, but everything is fine.

She'd say as she'd stroke her daughter's mane.

Amary: I'm just happy that you're okay...

Freesia didn't let go of her mother and kept holding onto her. In the room, her father as well as Seria were watching. Agapanthus approached them both and put a hoof on his daughter's shoulder.

Agapanthus: I'm also happy to see that you're both doing well. It's a relief, really... I was worried sick for you two.

Freesia would eventually remove herself from her mother. She looked at where her mother was wounded, it was already closed into a scar, thanks to Seria's healing magic. The young fairy would wipe away her tears before looking at her father.

Freesia: Dad, I'm sorry to you too... I've said all this time that I hated you both, but... I think that deep inside I don't really do... I mean... You don't hate me, right?

Agapanthus: What? Of course not! Freesia, we gave you a name. Although we... you know, didn't act as good parents, we... we actually never wanted for you to have a bad life. We sincerely wished for you to live happily.

Freesia: Freesia Crystalia... that's my full name, right?

Amary: Yes. Do... do you like it?

Freesia looked down for an instant before coming back to them with a soft smile.

Freesia: Yes. I love the sound of it.

As the small family was discussing and reuniting, Seria turned back and exited the place to go outside a bit without giving them notice. Her shield's time was almost up. She only wondered about a few things... but her thoughts would be interrupted by a voice she recognized.

Aurora: May I sit with you?

Seria: Oh, but of course.

The elder then took place next to her and looked down with guilt written all over him.

Aurora: I... I am sincerely sorry for how I have acted earlier. It is by my fault if all of this happened. If I hadn't frozen you, then young Freesia wouldn't have gone berserk.

Seria: ... You knew about Anima, didn't you?

He remained silent for a slight moment.

Aurora: Yes. The very fact that you were here was proof of it. I am aware of her powers to control nature as well as her healing properties. It was our only chance to save Amary. Otherwise...

Seria: Yes, I understand... Elder Aurora?

Aurora: What is it?

Seria: ... Thank you for freeing me. I believe there is more to it than just saving Amary.

The Elder took a second of silence before responding back.

Aurora: Indeed... The power that Freesia unleashed was not only her anger, but also the love she has for you. It is quite unbelievable that someone as young as her managed to pull this off. I was impressed and I do not regret having been put down by her... By the time I could get back up, Amary and her daughter were already in the snow with Amary bleeding. I had no time to lose. I had to free you for Amary... and for Freesia. You are very important to her.

Seria smiled at his words. She found sincerity in all of them.

Seria: Perhaps now you will find that the outside world is not as bad as it seems. When you see that a nature fairy and an ice fairy can share a bond...

Aurora chuckled lightly at her words and Seria joined him with a giggle.

Seria: In any case... my shield will not hold on for much longer. I must leave immediately.

Aurora: Seria...

She would be stopped before she could fly away.

Aurora: What about Freesia?

She knew that he would ask her this... she put on a fake smile for him.

Seria: She just got reunited with her parents. I believe it's best that she stays with them. They are her family, after all.

Aurora: I see... Then take care of yourself.

Seria: I will.

She would lift herself off of the ground and leave by the airs, alone.

Part 8
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Javes was alone in Seria's tree-house, always awaiting her to come back. Night was almost there and he was already worried enough about her. Everytime that their friends came over, he had to tell them she didn't come back yet.

He'd be waiting in one of the rooms and would hear steps landing at the front. The pegasus got himself up and headed toward the entrance only to find his beloved one with her head hanging down.

Javes: Seria! You're finally back!

He'd say greeting her with a warm hug. It's then that he'd notice her with a sad mood.

Javes: What's wrong?... And where's Freesia?

Seria: Don't worry... she's fine. And I'm fine too.

Javes: What happened?

Seria: She met with her parents and...

Javes: Did it go wrong?

Seria: No!... Well... it ended well. She's with them now. Happy. Like... a real family...

Javes let out a sigh of relief after he heard that Freesia was well.

Javes: You scared me for a moment... Seria?

Although he was relieved, Seria wasn't. Her fake smiles had disappeared and let place to sorrow instead. She tried to hold it back, but she was unable to and simply let herself fall on him, crying. Javes knew why.

Javes: You wanted her to stay with us... didn't you?

His beloved nodded on him through her sobs.

Seria: She... She was like my sister, and... and we got along so well too! I-I was happy everytime I could help her!... Or cheer her up!... Now she's gone... I'm glad that things ended well for her, but... I'll miss her!

She'd continue sobbing to him. Javes only held her, letting her speak. She had a lot to take off her heart. After a moment he would slowly bring her to her room where he would help her lay down after all of this emotional come back.

Javes: Take a good night's rest, okay? You really need it. I'll come join you in a bit.

Seria would have softened her cries a little and nodded to him. Javes gave her a gentle kiss on the forehead before leaving the room. He needed some time to think...

Seria managed to close her eyes and sleep. She was completely depleted.

The next day, it was already late in the afternoon, but Seria was still sleeping. Her boyfriend was up since morning and he decided to let her rest some more... Then, Seria would receive something in the face. *Pomf*. She didn't seem to react much to it other than to mumble something inaudible.

She would receive another one. *Pomf*.

Seria: ... Javes... stop it...

She would say with her eyes still closed.

???: Wake up sleepyhead.

A voice would say playfully. It was not a male's voice, though. That voice sounded like someone else. Someone she knew, but... young. Seria slowly opened her tired eyes and looked in front of her only to see a blue blurred figure.

Seria: Who...


And another one cold snowball would hit Seria's face as she'd wake up.


Seria took the time to take away the snow that was now all over her face. When she came to, she would look in front of her. She'd make a loud gasp as she'd realize that it was really her. It was Freesia who woke her up, and it was not a dream. Seria was speechless. She had no words for what she would consider a wonderful event.

Freesia: What?

Seria: I'm... I'm not... Freesia, it's really you?

Freesia: Of course, silly!

The fairy of nature couldn't contain herself. She jumped off of her bed and on the floor to hug the one she called her sister. She couldn't hold the tears too, of course... but this time they were tears of joy. Freesia returned the favor, also happy to be there.

Seria: I'm so happy to see you!..

Freesia: Me too, you know? But...

Her last word was rather... lacking enthusiasm. She broke the hug to take a step back. She was looking down.

Freesia: Seria?... You know you're really smart and you teach me a lot of things, but...

Even though she tried to hide it, Seria could sense Freesia's tears forming. The young ice fairy raised her head again, looking at Seria with a bit of anger.

Freesia: You know you can be a real goof sometimes?

Her anger would soften up.

Freesia: What made you think that I didn't want to come back?... Why did you think that I wanted to stay there?

Seria: Didn't you reconciliate with your parents?...

Freesia: Yes, but... Seria, gosh! I'm living here now! My home is here, with you and Javes!... and all of my friends too... You're... You're all my family! And you, Seria, you're MY sister!

Seria: Oh my goodness, Freesia! I messed up... I'm so sorry, I thought that you wanted to stay with your parents... I forgot to ask you...

Freesia: Just... don't do it again... I still love you.

Seria looked down at her with a smile, although she felt awful for this, but there was one thing she couldn't deny in all of this. Once again she had to hug her, and just keep it there for a long time.

Seria: Freesia... with all that has happened... this has to be the best gift anyone could make me. Thank you so much, little sister.

The End
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